Have the big firms got it all wrong?

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Of course not. What an insolent question. Seriously - the way they are structured works for them. That's why they continue to grow. But, what about all those ambitious professionals who work for the big firms? Are some of them round pegs in square holes? Inevitably. There are plenty of advantages of working for big

Why is anyone Hired or Fired?

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Years ago I was told that People are hired because they are liked and fired because they’re not! Whilst this maxim is no doubt true in many cases I think it does not reflect what really happens in many professional firms. That is that people get hired because of their perceived technical skills and knowledge.

Are accountants the only ambitious professionals?

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When I started this blog I avoided focusing solely on accountants. This is quite simply because most of the information and advice that I share is equally applicable to those practicing other professions too. Some of it is even drawn from work with lawyers, barristers or surveyors. Beyond this blog however, most of my work

Is it Fear of Facebook?

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I've just penned the following letter to Accountancy magazine - and guess it's self explanatory. My apologies that this then becomes another blog posting about Facebook. In June I introduced the subject under the title, Facebook for professionals; At the start of July I commented on the need to be aware that what you post

Strong technical skills are not enough

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Taxation 2 Magazine often includes useful tips for ambitious (tax) professionals. Most of the time these are relevant to a wider audience too. The current issue (7/9/07) contains an excellent piece by Sheila Mandel of BLT in which she notes that "The emphasis on marketing and relationship building has resulted in the existence of (and

Five steps to winning the war for talent (part two)

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In part one of this series, last week, I summarised the first two steps that accountancy firms and other ambitious professional service firms need to consider if they want to attract and retain the right people to work for them. After those two preparatory steps we can now move onto the interview stage and what