Avoid the downsides of the “you never know” syndrome

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In an earlier posting I referred to old colleague of mine who would go to lunch with anyone and who suffered from the ‘you never know’ syndrome.  He thought that it was worth attending all and any networking functions and lunches as ‘you never know’ when or where the next piece of work would come

Client testimonials: Which ones to use? (part four)

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I've addressed this topic in three previous postings on this blog. Parts one and two introduced the subject and in part three I explained one simple way for ambitious professionals to obtain testimonials.In practice such testimonials will not always be immediately suitable to incorporate in your marketing literature. In this fourth part of the series

Client testimonials: How to get them (part three)

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I introduced this topic in parts one and two so will avoid repeating the points I have already made. This time the focus is on one simple way for ambitious professionals to obtain testimonials. I regularly address this point in my talk about ‘How to make more money from your tax work’ (a popular session

Client testimonials: Why they are important (part two)

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I introduced this topic in a previous posting on this blog so will avoid repeating the points I made last time. Recommendations, referrals and testimonials are among the most effective ways for ambitious professionals to establish their credibility. In an ideal world prospective clients would seek recommendations and referrals from trusted friends and family. Where

Why you should never simply say: You’re welcome

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In my last post I stressed the need to clarify expectations and to avoid over-promising the speed with which you will undertake work for a client. Let's take that a stage further. Assume for a moment that you've really put yourself out for a client (or indeed for anyone). You've pulled out all the stops

Never offer to ‘get it done by the weekend’

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Many ambitious professionals are really good at what they do. Even those who aren't yet at the top of their game recognise the importance of client service. However it doesn't matter how a good a job you've done if the client doesn't appreciate your efforts. One of my favourite examples of how easy it is

‘How do you facilitate a partnership strategy day?’

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I'm often asked 'How do you facilitate a partnership strategy day?' for a firm of ambitious professionals. The answer is, inevitably, 'it depends'. Amongst the factors I take into account are: Key drivers - Who wants it and why? How successful is the firm? What is going well and what not so well? Attendance -

You are better than you think you are

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Ambitious professionals are not always confident and positive about the future. Just like everyone else they sometimes fear that they won't be able to achieve the targets set for them or that they have set for themselves. Most people suffer moments of indecision and self doubt every now and then. One of my functions as