Sandwich feedback

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Ambitious professionals often need to be effective managers.  With this in mind a useful approach for providing constructive feedback to staff can be to adopt the sandwich approach. Top slice:  Something positive. Filling: Something constructive. Bottom slice: Something else positive. It's important though to keep in mind your objectives in providing feedback.  These probably include:

The “you never know” syndrome

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I once worked with a guy (let’s call him ‘Sam’) who went to lunch with anyone and everyone; he attended more one to one meetings with other professional advisers than anyone else I have worked with. His intention was clear BUT the level of his work referrals never seemed to warrant the time and

Do you hope, pray or train?

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It has been said that personal development in a professional environment is largely a matter of common sense. Employers will spend a fortune in an effort to ensure that ambitious professionals keep upto date with technical developments. But when it comes to maximising the professionals' potential to do their job, to progress and to get

Why is management a struggle?

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I saw a delightful definition the other day: All too often the reason managers struggle is because they are responsible for a whole gang of people that they probably didn’t pick, may not like, might have nothing in common with and who perhaps don’t like them much. Given how often this is what ambitious professionals

Due Diligence before Admission to Partnership

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I would like to have attended the workshop on this subject run by the Association of Partnership Practitioners on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately I had a prior commitment so had to decline the invitation. I wonder if any of the speakers or contributors to the debate talked about the Google impact or that of online networking

Tax Careers

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I've been looking at the stats for this blog and noticed that a number of people are directed here because they are searching for information about 'tax careers'. This posting therefore seeks to provide some useful pointers. If you are new to the world of tax and/or are looking to move to or from the

Websites for professional firms (part two)

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A few weeks ago I posted the first of my observations and advice concerning websites for professional firms. When I consult with ambitious firms I invariably check out their websites beforehand. Some are good. Some are lousy. Some don't exist and some are almost indistinguishable from those of other firms who have bought the same