Networking mistakes to avoid

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I spend so much of my time focussed on helping ambitious professionals to do the ‘right’ things it’s all too easy to overlook the converse. Here are five networking mistakes that are best avoided if you want your networking efforts to be worthwhile. Don’t play business card confetti There is no point in giving your

Great sales questions for professional advisers (part 1)

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In my last blog entry I explained the difference between the traditional and a more client focussed approach to presenting you and your firm’s services. I promised to offer some effective questions that would help ambitious professionals to identify their prospects' needs before they move into ‘sales’ mode. Despite the title of this item however

How to present your firm more persuasively

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Imagine you have the opportunity to present your firm to a prospective client organisation. Many advisers will follow the traditional approach of launching straight into what they perceive to be ‘sales’ mode. To assist them they might have a powerpoint presentation. Typically it will follow this hackneyed structure: A list of (supposed) benefits of using