Networking for professionals

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A recent coaching call with marketing genius Fraser Hay persuaded me I should have a little something of value to send to new contacts after I meet them for the first time. After a couple of milliseconds I concluded that the most valuable item I could supply would be an extract from my mentoring programme

Networking in a new firm

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It's a fact of life that ambitious professionals are often competing with each other when it comes to seeking promotion to partnership. There are invariably more managers and associates seeking progression to partnership than there are potential partnership roles in a firm. The better connected and respected one is the greater the prospect for advancement

How to quickly lose your newest clients

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Some years ago I read an article that highlights six things that happen all too often when anyone focuses their energy on trying to win new clients at the expense of managing the relationship with newly won clients. The author explained how easy it is to fall into each of these six traps: Once you sign

How do you REALLY know if your clients are happy?

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How many of us really know what our clients think about us? We might assume that clients like us although often when we say that we’re probably focussing more on our favourite clients and assuming that an absence of complaints evidences that clients like us and value the work we are doing. But is that

How can you stand out from the rest of the pack?

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I have just watched an old video clip of the professional services firm guru, David Maister, in which he highlights the six most scarce resources in most professional service firms: Energy Excitement Enthusiasm Determination Passion Ambition David also points out that his research has proved that the top achieving firms are those that energise, excite

The Easter Bunny shows us how NOT to network

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This short video shows why the Easter Bunny's efforts at networking are doomed to failure. Effective networking requires more effort that hopping(!) along to a gathering of people and shoving your business card into their hands. As I have written about on this blog many times: No one refers work to a business card. Edit

Do you suffer from premature evaluation?

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I've mentioned my friend Richard White before. I've just read a piece on his blog that reinforces the advice I give in my talk on How to make more profits from your smaller clients. It also relates very closely to this previous posting of mine along similar lines last August. Below I've taken Richard's analogy

Is ‘networking’ the new ‘socialising’?

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When I entered a speech contest* at my local speakers' club recently I was asked about my hobbies and interests. What would you say yours were? It's common I believe to list upto half a dozen activities. Many of us might include 'family', keeping fit, socialising and reading alongside more active sporting interests and the