I want to be an equity partner

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I recently had a call from a salaried partner in a 12 partner professional firm. Let's call him 'Andy'. It was a good few months since the last time we had spoken. Andy is in his early forties and has been with the firm for around ten years. Last week during his annual appraisal Andy

How evolved are your professional services?

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Listening to Professor Richard Susskind speaking after dinner at the APP AGM last week I was struck by the logic of his predictions for the future of professional services.  There are lessons here for all ambitious professionals. The Professor, who has long been a highly respected guru as regards the future of the legal profession,

Are you an ‘Accidental Sales Person’?

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Few ambitious professionals have ever chosen a career in sales. And yet, regardless of your professional discipline you will, almost by definition, have to be able to generate income. Inevitably that income will come from clients and you will have some, possibly a large, responsibility for helping to generate those 'sales'. My friend, Richard White,

Good, bad or indifferent?

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How do you think the majority of your clients would describe you AND how confident are you of that? When I ask people to describe their relationship with their accountant I generally receive variations on only 3 basic answers. That is that the relationship is judged to be Good, bad or indifferent.  I would anticipate

NRG’s six rules of good networking

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The following six rules are taken from an NRG business networking newsletter I received recently. Although written for a general business audience I believe that these rules are equally applicable to ambitious professionals. Unless you are an experienced and successful networker you will find some surprises here but I can assure you that this is

Worried about prospective PI claims?

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Following on from yesterday's blog there are also plenty of people with whom my question resonates. Some of the partners and sole practitioners present are remarkably honest in their replies: Those who said ‘yes’ all explained why: YES: ·Convinced my knowledge is not as uptodate as it should be but working on it ·Anyone doing

The risk of PI claims

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During one of my talks I ask the delegates whether the risk of a PI claim keeps them awake at night. By far the majority answer ‘No’ but a number of people add a qualifying statement: NO: · [added later] Not until this talk · But I should! · Doesn’t keep me awake but it

Good agendas for client meetings

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Many ambitious professionals attend meetings of various clubs, societies and professional committees. Invariably someone will have produced an agenda for the meeting. Why? More to the point, why are agendas the exception rather than the rule when meeting with clients? Agendas are typically prepared so that meetings will be run more efficiently. They are supposed