New style professional networking

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Hats off to Alan Kennedy, of SWAT who hosted a new format (to me) professional networking event today. He had invited a number of other professional suppliers to the accountancy world to meet at 12.00 to share ideas for networking with accountants and to help us better understand what SWAT can do for accountants. All

How’s business? – Avoid falling in the trap when you reply

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If you're either a busy accountant and/or a regular at networking events, you probably get asked this question all of the time. You may also be asked by friends and family, ex-colleagues and prospective clients as well as by your bank manager, suppliers and potential advocates. How carefully have you thought about the way that

Is your firm ambitious?

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As you know my focus is very much on helping ambitious professionals and ambitious professional firms.  I've been asked whether I can define such a firm.  Dare I say it's a bit like a meteor - easy to recognise but not so easy to describe in detail. My dictionary defines 'ambition' as a strong desire