The mentor option

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The September issue of Accountancy magazine has been published and I am delighted to see that they have included my letter in response to an article about coaching and mentoring in the July issue. The full text of my letter appeared on this blog on 30 July.

Memories of being mentored

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Mentoring seems to be flavour of the month all of a sudden. I was approached today by a journalist who wanted a quote from someone with experience of the traditional internal style of mentoring that some larger firms provide. Here's what I said: ” As a junior partner many years ago I was allocated

Tax Careers magazine

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The current issue contains a short article of mine that should be of interest to all ambitious professionals. The editor has titled it: More than technical skills and has added a desription: Whatever you may think, personal development courses are there for good reason. But, Mark Lee asks, are you making the most of them?

What to do if you are uncomfortable with selling…

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If you ask 10 managing partners, what their key people need to do to get to partnership you will get at least a dozen opinions. Top of most lists it seems is the need to satisfy the current partners in the firm that you will pay for yourself. This is often interpreted as requiring all

Webcasts for tax advisers

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I was flattered to be asked to record the first ever webcasts for the Chartered Accountants' Tax Faculty last week. You can now see them by clicking where it says Tax Faculty. Many of the points coverd in the webcasts are easily adapted to other types of professional services and advice work. The webcasts, which